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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Hot Water Tank in Vancouver?

The cost to repair a hot water tank in Vancouver ranges from $99 to $399. Most homeowners pay roughly $199.

Stuck with a busted water heater? Well, the cost to repair a hot water tank in Vancouver ranges from $99 to $399. Most homeowners pay roughly $199.

Wondering what impacts that price range? What you’ll pay depends on:

  • What needs repaired
  • Whether your warranty is still valid
  • The plumber you hire

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Factor #1: What needs repaired

Your hot water tank repair cost is driven by the part that needs to be repaired or replaced.

As with any appliance, some parts will cost more than others. Unfortunately, without inspecting your hot water tank, we can’t give you an accurate estimate of what you’ll pay to repair it.

But to help you better understand what you could pay, we’ve compiled a list of common tank water heater repairs:

  • Thermocouple replacement: $150–$275
  • Gas control valve replacement: $300–$500
  • Thermostat replacement: $80–$200
  • Leak repair: $260–$1,000+ (you’re usually better off replacing your water heater if the tank has a leak)
  • Anode rod replacement: $50–$150
  • Heating element replacement (electric water heaters only): $180–$300
  • Pressure relief valve replacement: $150–$320
  • Sediment flush: $150–$220

To give you more context, here’s where those parts are located on a gas water heater:

Gas Water Heater Repair

Factor #2: Whether your warranty is still valid

You’ll pay a lot less to repair your hot water tank if your warranty is still valid.

Your water heater likely came with 2 different warranties:

  • Manufacturer: Most manufacturers include at least a 6-year warranty on the parts and tank of your water heater.

    To find out if your manufacturer warranty is still valid, search for the warranty on the manufacturer’s website (you might need your water heater model number). You can also contact the plumber that installed your hot water tank and see if they have your warranty info on file.

    Want to make sure your manufacturer warranty stays valid?

  • Labor: Most reliable plumbers will offer a 1-year warranty after they install or repair your unit. That means if your water heater has been installed in the last year, or a broken part repaired within the last year broke again, then your plumber will likely cover the labor to fix your water heater.

    To find out if your labor warranty is still valid, contact the plumber that installed or most recently repaired your water heater.

Factor #3: The Vancouver plumber you hire

Some plumbers do better quality work than others. You’ll pay more for plumbers that are more experienced because they tend to charge more for their expertise.

That being said, don’t let a higher cost prevent you from hiring a quality plumber. After all, you get what you pay for. Going with an inexperienced plumber could give you problems like:

  • Expensive repairs in the near future
  • A voided hot water tank warranty, if the repair isn’t done according to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Higher energy bills, if a part isn’t installed correctly

Not sure how to find a high-quality plumber? Look for one that:

  • Has a Better Business Bureau profile. This means they’re licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Has good online reviews and leave customers satisfied. Check review sites like Yelp, Google and Facebook.
  • Gives you an upfront price quote in writing. This means they won’t charge you for extra labor or materials after your hot water tank is repaired.

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