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Top Reasons Why You Need an Emergency Plumber

Whether it’s a clogged drain or toilet, a sudden back-up, flooding, leaking faucet or pipes, a lack of water pressure, a broken hot water tank or other plumbing crisis… these events don’t just happen between the hours of 9-5, from Monday to Friday. A burst pipe often happens when you least expect it and you’ll need to immediately call an expert emergency plumber to fix the problem. You NEED an Emergency Plumber Especially when the plumbing incident occurs after hours and the risk of damage is high.

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A fast response means reduced damage to your property or the ability to get your business back up and running quickly and with minimum downtime, so you need to have the number of a reputable 24/7 emergency plumber covering cities such as Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and New Westminster. Here’s what you need to know.

Top 4 Services provided by an emergency plumber

Reputable emergency plumbers can provide service involving the most common crises that you’ll experience, which includes:

  1. Leaks. Plumbers can replace the piping and fittings, plus add sealant to ensure that the problem leak is taken care of and won’t have to be dealt with again.
  2. Floods. If you end up with flooding anywhere in your home, an emergency plumber can get rid of the water in your home and find the source of the problem. They can then take care of the leak that caused the issue in the first place.
  3. Clogged drains. Emergency plumbers can take care of any clogs using specialized tools, such as drain cleaning snakes, and also use CCTV to inspect the drainage system itself.
  4. Faulty water heaters or furnaces. They can also help with fixing or replacing faulty or broken water heaters or furnaces. They’ll make sure that all connections are fully working and that your system is back online almost immediately.

How to Choose the right emergency plumber

It’s important that you use a plumber not only known for providing great service but who can also meet your needs in terms of the services that they provide, including larger problems such as flooding. 

Some of the things you need to look out for and ask when making contact include:

  1. Who are you actually talking to? When you call their number, are you speaking to an answering machine or is there someone at the end of the line who cares about your plumbing needs and genuinely wants to help?
  2. Look for 24-hour emergency plumbing. If you need help fast, then find someone who can provide emergency plumbing 24/7, rather than wait until after the weekend.
  3. Check out the company’s background. Look at reviews online, including on Google, and speak to others who may have used their services. It’s important to invest your money in a company that values you and your home.
  4. Make sure they cover your area. Some companies may not operate in your area but will commit to coming to your neck of the woods – the problem is that you’ll likely be charged for travel time, so ensure you pick a company that covers your area at no additional cost.

The Ashton Point of Difference

When looking for a trusted emergency plumber near you who services the Vancouver Lower Mainland, consider Ashton Service Group for your needs.

We have a fast and reliable 24/7 commercial and residential service for plumbing and heating, with expert technicians ready to come to your home or commercial property every day of the year and at any hour of the day. Our telephone operators are also ready to take your call 24/7 and our trucks are fully stocked so that even when the warehouses and suppliers are closed for the day, we can still perform repairs as soon as you call.

When it comes to the price you pay, our regular service hours include Saturdays for your convenience, which means that you’ll receive no additional overtime charges – this is unlike many other companies.

Reputation means everything in this industry and we’ve been in business for over 33 years with more than 500 Google reviews, upfront pricing (not hourly, which means no hidden charges), and serving the entire Metro Vancouver surrounding area.

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