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How Much Do Drain Tiles Cost in Vancouver?



If your Vancouver home has a full or partial basement, you might be noticing moisture seeping into it as we near the end of the rainy season, evidenced by creeping stains on the wall, damp floors or even flooding. Or perhaps you’ve noticed pooling water on the outside of your house against the structure. 

All of these circumstances mean that there is likely a break or backflow in your current drain tile system, or you need to have one installed because water and saturated soil and materials are pushing against the outside of your house, causing seepage and even structural damage.  This damage can be costly to repair. So, before you get to that stage, have your system repaired immediately or have one installed by professionals.


How much do drain tiles cost? 

A drain tile system is the best way to keep moisture away from your foundations, and is considered essential in climates such as the West Coast of Canada. Most new houses will already have these installed, but a lot of older homes have drainage systems that were built with substandard materials that are likely beginning to degrade if your basement is leaking. 

Modern drain tile systems consist of perforated PVC piping surrounded by gravel inside a trench, that runs along the foundations either inside or outside the home. A sump pump is connected to the end of the pipe, and it pumps moisture out and away from the walls of your house. 

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Most of the cost of a drain tile installation will be in labour, so the overall price will depend on the size and scope of the job. An outdoor drain tile installation will cost you approx. $8,000 and up. The excavation process is simpler outside the house and there will be less materials involved. 

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Repairs of an existing system might seem cheaper in the short term, but it must be balanced against the cost of just replacing the whole system in one go. If patch repairs are done on a drain tile system, often more breakages will be discovered after the repair, leading to a domino effect of more and more repairs that will add up to more than you would spend on a new installation. However, if it is determined that your system is truly only damaged in one isolated location, a spot repair is also possible. 

There is no time like the present to prevent your home from costly foundation damage. At Ashton Plumbing Heating Air, we can assess any current damage and provide you with a comprehensive quote. Or we can get started on installing a brand new, modern drain tile system that will keep your basement dry and your foundations sound for years. Give us a call today to get started.  

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