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York Spotlight – Getting to Know the Trusted Brands We Provide


Choosing the right HVAC system for your home can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to your furnace needs. The right choice means years of reliable service and ultimate comfort for your family, all while saving money on your monthly utility bill. York furnaces are one of the trusted brands we recommend and provide at Ashton Service Group. Let’s dive in and see why your next furnace purchase can you save up to 31% in heating costs if it’s a York. 

York Download 

York are American manufacturers of residential and commercial HVAC equipment, for both heating and cooling systems. York systems are not only designed in the United States, but they are also proudly engineered and assembled there. York continually improves their processes and have each furnace go through close inspection for quality assurance. 

What’s more, York upholds a standard of excellence, which is how they offer outstanding warranties while meeting the highest industry standards. York furnaces are known to deliver energy-saving comfort that lasts a lifetime to your home. 

York Products 

York 95.5% AFUE Single Stage – TM9E
The LX Series 95.5% AFUE Gas-Fired Furnace features a single stage heating gas value, fan inducer, blower, electronic hot surface ignition, built in high level self-diagnostics with fault code history, insulated blower compartment and high efficiency ECM fan motor for enhanced performance. Unlike a standing pilot, York’s electronic hot surface ignition technology doesn’t waste fuel. The furnace also includes self-cleaning inshot burners that regulate the fuel mixture confirming a quiet and clean operation. The 100% shut-off main gas value turns off ALL gas flow to ensure your safety. The X13 motor effectively not only uses two times less electricity than the standard multi-speed furnace blower, but it’s also ENERGY STAR certified delivering 95.5% AFUE efficiency. 

York 95% AFUE Single Stage – TG9S
The Latitude 95% AFUE Gas-Fired Furnace features a compact 33-inch cabinet easily fitting in small areas, solid front door panel construction, folded metal edges that improve durability, advanced heat exchanger which streamlines the gas flow and decreases the number of parts, and a low flame sense indicator to certify safe shut down if unusual firing occurs. Similarly, this furnace has electronic hot surface ignition technology, self-cleaning inshot burners, and a 100% shut-off main gas valve. This model is also ENERGY STAR certified and delivers a money-saving efficiency of up to 95% AFUE. An added bonus is economical servicing as this model is designed to use common serviceable parts. 

York 98% AFUE Modulating – YP9C
The York Affinity Gas Furnace features a modulating burner design, integrated self-diagnostic control module, ClimaTrak comfort system, variable speed ECM fan motor that provides quiet circulation, and a unit design engineered for natural gas or propane applications. The modulating burner saves fuel by continuously adjusting its heating output in 1% increments. This furnace is also ENERGY STAR certified and is most efficient with a qualifying efficiency up to 98% AFUE. 

Ashton Service Groups Warranty

As a factory-certified contractor of York furnaces and air conditioners as well, you can expect the best warranties in the industry from us at Ashton. The warranty includes 10 Year Parts coverage, 10 Year Labour coverage AND Lifetime Heat Exchanger coverage. Yes, you read that right – lifetime. 

If it is time for you to replace your furnace or if you would like more information about the brands we provide, let our experts at Ashton Service Group help. We are your local Vancouver and area HVAC professionals. Contact us today and let’s talk about which York furnace is perfect for you.

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