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What do Plumbers Use to Clear Drains and Eliminate Blockages?


We’ve all been there, whether it’s a clogged sink, bathtub or toilet, it is a major inconvenience. It’s an unavoidable part of life as all plumbing systems will develop clogs, but you can learn some tricks from the professionals. 

There are three tools professional plumbers use and trust: drain augers, hydro-jetters and video inspection equipment. Although you may be surprised, please note that a liquid drain cleaner is not of them. Professionals advise against using liquid chemical drain cleaner, as the acidity and toxicity of the chemicals inside can damage your pipes and promote corrosion. In fact, your friendly neighbourhood plumber will tell you that’s one of the worst things you could pour down your drain. 

Instead, consider one of the three specialized plumbing tools below. 

Tool #1: Drain Augers or Snakes

A drain auger or drain snake is a long coil of metal, it is flexible and can be compared to how a corkscrew operates. The auger is placed down the drain until it reaches the clog, and the ends of the coil then drill down into and through it. This will help you remove matters stuck in the pipe or break apart any blockages. This is the standard tool plumbers use; however, professionals use a motorized drain auger, which is much more effective at cleaning out drains than the manually operated ones you can buy at the hardware store. 

Tool #2: Hydro-Jetters

A hydro-jetter is a professional drain cleaning tool only used by licensed plumbers. It operates with high-pressure, high-temperate streams of water to clean out the insides of drainpipes. This equipment easily breaks through almost any blockage in any pipe and it effectively removes clogs caused by grease, mineral deposits or soap scum. This equipment is specialized and only for professional use, as training and protective gear is required, as well as safety hazard knowledge of high-pressure water. 

Tool #3: Video Inspection Equipment 

This tool does not clear your drains itself; however, it is the key to finding the locations of blockages that aren’t easily pinpointed. Mini video cameras are mounted on long fiber-optic cables that are then pushed through many feet of pipes. The cameras send back images from the interior of the pipe to video monitors, allowing plumbers to have a clear understanding of where the blockage is and how best to remove it. A video pipe inspection helps plumbers do a more effective job and is an essential part of finding the location of blockages. 

Need More Help? Call the Experts! 

These tools will help eliminate virtually any blockage and clear any drain. As well, it’s important to note that professionals use drain augers and tools that have a much longer reach than the standard ones you can purchase. 

If a blockage is buried deep inside your homes pipe system, it’s best that a professional’s tools, expertise and camera capabilities are used. If you can’t clear a stubborn clog after a few attempts, then call in the experts. You don’t want to permanently damage a pipe or fixture by continually trying, and failing, to unclog a drain.

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