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What to do with slow draining pipes and repetitive clogs


If you are constantly inundated with slow draining pipes and consistently dealing with repetitive clogs, the best thing you can do is call your trusted plumbing professionals. Thanks to technology, plumbers now have an easier and faster way to inspect the interior of your pipes with video pipe inspections. Without this tool at their disposal in the past, they would have had to physically pull your pipes apart to see any interior issues.

Video pipe inspections are only available with professionals. They allow the homeowner and technician to see, in real-time, underground sewer lines and other pipes in question to determine the location of the blockage or any damage. Mini video cameras are mounted on long flexible fiber-optic cables, which are then moved through many feet of pipe on an auger. Additionally, the cables also have powerful lights so that the high-resolution video cameras on the tip can easily transmit images back to the technician’s video monitors for assessment. 

Here are some other benefits of video pipe inspections…

Take out the guess work. 

It gives plumbers a clear understanding of where the location of the blockage is and the insight to know the best way to remove it. An informed diagnosis of any problems found helps plumbers do a more effective job. 

It’s affordable and non-invasive. 

A video pipe inspection is on the low-end cost wise when compared to other plumbing jobs. It saves the homeowner time and money. It’s a simple and fast service that lets you accurately understand what next steps are needed for your plumbing issues. It’ll only take a professional a few minutes to insert the camera and assess the problem. 

Accurate and tangible evidence is provided. 

The images and data gathered from the video pipe inspection can be saved to a CD or USB stick for record keeping if needed. 

Discover hidden damage.

What you might think is a simple plumbing issue may help you discover hidden damage and urgent concerns you might not have seen otherwise. For example, the damage of invasive tree roots, broken or collapsed drains, or even pipe leaks. 

Spot repair or replacement is an option.

After looking at the condition, professionals can do spot repairs and replacements to fix any problems found now before they become a bigger concern. 

Interested in a Video Pipe Inspection? Call the Experts! 

Video pipe inspections allow professional plumbers to get you all the information you need to make informed decisions about your plumbing needs. We can help at Ashton. We are your local Vancouver and area professionals, call us today and find out what we can do for you.

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