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Top 5 Spring Home Maintenance Tips

As the seasons change, so do the conditions in and around your home. In the Lower Mainland, springtime comes with mild temperatures, rainfall, and signs of new life all around.


It’s the perfect time to take care of any necessary spring maintenance on your home. Assess any winter damage, take care of repairs, and prepare for the warmer summer months.  We’ve put together a spring home maintenance checklist, to set you up for success as you prepare for the warmer months ahead.


The Top 5 Things to Do to Prepare your Home for Spring


Preparing for spring means assessing both the interior and exterior of your space. As the weather warms up and the ground thaws, it’s time to take a closer look and attend to any damages both inside and out. Follow this spring home maintenance checklist, starting from the outside of your home and working your way in.


1. Check your Gutters


Even if you did a thorough check in the fall, it’s a good idea to check your gutters and downspouts every spring. In the winter, gutters and downspouts can fill with ice and stop working, causing a build-up of debris that can damage your eavestroughs. After checking to see if any parts have come loose or detached from the house, use a hose to flush out your eavestroughs. This will clear debris and reveal any leaks or pooling, making sure your gutters are clear and water is flowing well away from the foundation of your home.


2. Check for Cracks in your Foundation and Seal Windows and Doors


Cracks in the foundation of your home can be a source of water leakage and cause irreversible damage if left unchecked. Look around for any cracks in exterior walls, walkways, or patios. Fill these cracks as soon as possible to avoid damage from the spring rains. You may need to reach out to a foundation specialist to come and have a look.


Along with filling the cracks in your home’s foundation, it’s important to inspect the seals on windows and doors and replace them as needed. Cold weather can cause cracks or harden the caulking, and it may need to be replaced.


3. Flush your Drainage


Heavy rainfall can cause a buildup of silt or debris in your perimeter drain. Cleaning out any built-up physical debris in your drains is essential to keep them working properly. Eventually, poor drainage can cause water damage to your home and result in costly repairs. If you suspect your perimeter drain system may be clogged or starting to accumulate debris, call the experts at Ashton to set up an appointment.


4. Inspect your Air Conditioning Unit


As part of your springtime maintenance, make sure your air conditioner or cooling system is in good working order. By cleaning your system and keeping up with regular maintenance, you‘ll keep it working efficiently and maintain healthy air quality inside your home.


Check all important connections, change the filter, and remove dust from inside and outside. Test that your thermostats and detectors are working, and if necessary, schedule a service to keep your system in top condition.


5. Change your Furnace Filter and Check for Dusty Ducts


Keep your home a clean, healthy living environment by maintaining your ventilation system and removing dust and replacing filters where needed. After running your furnace or heating system throughout the winter, there may be a build-up of dust in your furnace and the surrounding ductwork. For some furnace filters, it’s recommended to change them every 90 days. If it’s not time for a new filter, you can improve the air quality and efficiency of your system by cleaning your current filter or ducts.


We hope this checklist helps you provide the maintenance your home needs this spring. Staying on top of seasonal maintenance will help you identify any issues before they become long term repairs, protect your home from water damage, and add to the value of your home. If you have any questions or are looking for support, give us a call at Ashton Plumbing, Heating, and Air – we’re here to help!

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