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Insinkerator Garburator Products from Ashton Service Group

Continuous feed Vs Batch Feed Garburators

Continuous feed is the most common type of disposal and is generally easier to use. These disposals are usually turned on by a wall mounted switch. Batch feed disposals require you to fit a stopper lid over the opening of the garburator to activate the unit. This makes it very difficult to accidentally trigger the garburator while your hands or fingers are near the device.

Motor size and Horsepower

The motor size and horsepower rating of the disposal will determine what kind of food waste it can safely dispose of. Garbage disposals can be found with horsepower ratings from 1/3 all the way to 1hp. The higher the horsepower rating, the less likelihood of the disposal jamming on debris, resulting in safter operation for the user. 


From time to time, your garburator will jam. Auto-reverse is an anti-jamming feature built into high-end garburators. When the disposal senses something is stuck in its grinding chamber, it will automatically reverse its rotation to help un-jam itself and prevent damage to the unit.

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Insinkerator Badger 5

Product Highlights:

One of the most common disposal on the market, the Badger 5 is suited for light duties in most kitchens, capable of disposing on soft food scraps. This garbage disposal also features a 1/2 HP motor that rapidly grinds food waste for easy rinsing down the drain and galvanized steel-grind components. To top it off, Badger 5 offers a 3-year

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Insinkerator Evo XTR 3/4 HP

Product Highlights:

The InSinkErator® Evolution Essential XTR food waste disposer is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Why? Because it comes with something EXTRA! The Essential XTR includes a SinkTop Switch ™ for easy countertop activation, and includes a power cord in the box for added value. Convenience in one package.

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Evo Excel

Product Highlights:

The Evolution Excel® garbage disposal is for those who enjoy the very best kitchen appliances. The ultimate in performance – nothing grinds more with less noise.InSinkErator Evolution Series disposals represent the highest standard in performance.

  • 1 Horsepower Dura-Drive® Induction Motor
  • Jam-Sensor® Circuit automatically increases torque to break through tough jams
  • SoundSeal® Technology delivers Ultra-Quiet performance allowing you to hold a conversation with normal voices in the same room
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